Community Certificate Details: How to Apply Online & Benefits

Community Certificate is based on for the people belonging to different castes. The Government of India has issued a community certificate to its citizens. 

Solely its the responsibility of the Indian Government to release the community certificate to every merit Indian Citizens. The Certificate can be notably beneficial and people from the minority community can avail of various subsidies in several operations.

What is a Community Certificate?

A Community Certificate is a shred of evidence for one individual belongs to a particular caste, especially, if anyone belongs to a group like '' Scheduled Tribe'' or ''Scheduled Caste''. According to the Indian Institution, such caste groups are specified as a 'backward class'

Therefore, the Indian Government offers special encouragement and advantages for such backward class groups.

Community Certificate defines the community of an individual. The Certificate is mostly indeed during the time of applying for reservation purposes as per the Government norms.

How to Apply for Community Certificate Online.

    Community Certificate Details: How to Apply Online & Benefits

    If you don't belong to the general caste category. So to get admission in school, colleges, Jobsscholarships or to take advantage of any government scheme, you need to register a Caste Certificate.

    Every states functions different online procedure by its specific states websites. Here is the list of states website from which you can apply for online documentation:

    Community Certificate is essential to document and at the same, you cannot apply online in all states. Some state governments and district administration bodies desire to conduct the Community Certificate process offline.

    That is why from this article today to help you on how to create a community certificate online and offline. Also, we will know what type of documents do we need? Kindly follow the mentioned steps correctly. 

    Apply through Aplesarkar.

    1. Use the following link to reach the online portal. Aplesarkar!
    2. Click on "citizen login" to log-in if you are existing user otherwise "new user"? register here, create a new account. And log-in with using your username and password.
    3. In the given page search for the ''Revenue department'' and click on ''revenue services'' then select for ''Caste Certificate''. 
    4. Then kindly fill mandatory information correctly also with uploading required documents.
    5. Follow the screen prompt to apply online.
    6. Users will receive an acknowledgement. Keep it secure for further references. 
    7. The applicant will notify once the certificate is issued.

    Required Documents for Applying Online:

    1. Proof of Identity (Any-1).
      - Pan Card 
      - Passport
      - RSBY Card
      - Driving Licence
      - MNREGA Job Card
      - Photo of Applicant
      - Identity card issued by Govt or Semi-Govt organizations.
    2. Proof of Address. (Any-1).
      - Passport
    3. - Water-bill
      - Ration Card.
      - Aadhar Card.
      - Voter ID Card.
      - Electricity-bill
      - Property Tax Receipt
      - Extract of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent receipt.

    4. Other Documents. (Any-1).
      - Caste Validity
      - Deposit Receipt 
      - School Leaving Certificate
      - Gazzate Notification Copy
      - Relation Certificate
      - Caste Certificate of Father
      - Affidavit

    Once you visit the online portal you can go through from more such required documents selective options to choose from.

    Community Certification Status

    You can go through your Community certification status by visiting the online portal of Aaplesarkar. Also log-in with your username and password.

    Further, go for "track your application" and by entering your Applicant's ID you can able to find out the status of your application.

    You can also contact their help-desk for your queries or help. 

    Community Certificate Download 

    The online tracking procedure can take up to 30-45 days. The details will be forwarded to higher authorities to verify.

    Once the certificate is issued you have to also verify your authentication.

    The processing time for Community Certificate is based on category applied. A community certificate download through the internet is not possible. 

    Because one can apply the procedure online but the publication and distribution for the certificate are done offline. That mean's you can receive it from the nearest Seva-Kendra or you can avail it by postal surface.

    Self-Declaration of Minority Community Certificate by Students

    The student who holds the proper minority community certificate. Who belongs from ST, SC, OBC, VJ, NT, or any other caste community can fill and submit the form of self-declaration.

    It is a single-page document, you can download the form easily which is available in PDF format published by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. 

    Minority Community Certificate can help. when the student is applying for certain scholarships or admissions. It can avail of superior subsidies. 

    The self-declaration form has to fill online, print it out, and submit it offline.

    Community Certificate Date

    The students from UPSC or Civil services who are applying for the examination belonging from ST, SC, or any other backward class are mostly questionable for the Community Certificate Date. As they have to mention the Community Certification Date.

    The date is mentioned in your caste certificate from when it has issued to you. Usually, the Certificate is valid until the death of an individual. Hence in rare cases, it is issued for the mentioned period.

    How to Apply for Community Certificate Offline

    In online methods to issue an online certificate, where all our process is done by the internet at later once you have to visit the nearest Seva-centre to receive it. 

    But, In the offline process to register a community certificate, one should have to visit the nearby Revenue office, Sub-divisional Magistrate Office or CSC / Setu Centres to initiate the further offline process. Let's understand the documents we'll required while applying.

    Requirements to apply for Community Certificate offline:
    • Aadhar Card
    • Ration Card
    • Res
    • Voter-ID Card
    • Passport size photo
    • Self Declaration form - Download Link
    • Application form according to your specific caste:
      - Backward Class (BC) from - Link
      - Schedule Class (SC) form - Link
      - Other Backward Class (OBC) form - Link

    These are the major highlighted documents one should need while applying through offline portals. Once you ready with the mention documents then follow the further steps accurately. Let's dive-in

    1. First, download the Self-declaration form link is given above.
    2. Fill the SD form using your name, father name, age, occupation and address.
    3. Sign at the bottom of SD form with mentioning your name and that's all form is filled successfully.
    4. After that you have to choose and fill the application form according to your caste category as ex: you are belonging to SC, BC, OBC all the form links are mentioned above.
    5. Once you complete filling all the forms take the documents to CSC(Common Service Centre) The official operator on the desk, checks your documents and creates a PDF and uploads it to the server.
    6. Further, these documents are forwarded to the Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar who verifies the documents and if all the documents are correct then he will do a check the certificate with an electronic signature.
    7. This certificate is sent again to CSC(Common Service Centre) and you can collect this certificate from CSC.

    Caste Validity Certificate

    Caste Validity Certificate is a security certificate to prevent fake distribution of caste certificate. So the fraudsters can't avail the advantages of this certificate illegally. 

    1. Visit nearest CSC(Common Service Centre), Setu or SDM office, ask for the caste certificate application form.
    2. fill the form correctly and submit it to the administrator officer available there.
    3. It will take 30-45 days to issue a caste validity certificate.
    4. Avail it from the courier or collect it from CSC(Common Service Centre).
    1. Visit the online portal of CCVIS 
    2. CCVIS is the caste certificate verification system.
    3. where you can log-in and validate your certificate online.

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