How to Link Aadhar Card to your Phone Number!

Aadhar Card was launched in the year 2009, with a clear perspective to obtained residential information voluntarily by residents and passport holder of India. Which comes with a 12-digit unique identity number. 

Over the period Aadhar has become a mandatory card for every individual Indian Citizen, Thus the government has confirmed to link your Aadhar with your phone number and other transaction options.

Therefore in today's article, we are going to know how we can link our Aadhar Card with our Phone Number and also we will understand why it is important to link it with our mandatory gateways.

Why it is important and necessary to link Aadhar Card to your Phone Number?

How to Link Aadhar Card to your Phone Number!
How to Link Aadhar Card to your Phone Number!

Many of us had already registered their Aadhar Card to recognise as a resident of India. Yet many of us still do not know the reason behind linking your Aadhar card to your phone numbers. The reasons are as follow:

  • Making a mandatory to link your Aadhar to your contact has been coming on lime to trace the fraudsters, criminals who were using different sim-cards to attempt a crime.
  • Investigate has come across about the number of criminals and terrorists issued their sim-cards with different other people names and identity without their knowledge.
  • Linking your Aadhar with your number can smoothen your any sort of online process with the help of Aadhar OTP(one-time-password).
  • Incase anyone Aadhar has been lost or there is some change in their address the linking factor can help you resolve the issue online.
  • You can also create Pan-card online with the help of linking your contact to your Aadhar.
Keeping an eye on this following reasons it has been mandatory and important to link.

How to Link Aadhar Card to your Phone Number!


  1. The android device above 4.4.
  2. An active Internet Connection.
  3. Validate Aadhar Card.
  4. M-Aadhar Application.

To know about you are contact details are linked with your Aadhar Card or not? You have to download M-Aadhar App from Google Playstore. The application is completely developed by UIDAI.

With the help of M-Aadhar Application, you can complete your various Aadhar work sitting at your home. Let's have a step-by-step look at the process.

Once you are done with installing the app, open the M-Aadhar App. Confirm the Resident Consent Notice by clicking on "I Consent".

Register your Mobile Number with the app. Validate your OTP.

Here you will see the landing page of the App, Select verify email and mobile to get to know that your Aadhar is registered with your phone number or not?

Further, it will ask for your 12-digit unique identity number & your existing phone number which you are going to link. Make sure you fill it appropriately. Once done, Enter the Security Captcha and click on Verify. 

In case your phone number is not linked, come back on the landing page of M-Aadhar App, click on "Book an Appointment".  You have to log-in by Selecting resident info between Indian and non-Indian. Choose on your preference. Enter Mobile number and fill the Captcha. Select Send OTP button and also enter the received OTP.

It will allow you two services (New Enrollment) or (Update Aadhar). Select for Update Aadhar. Enter your Aadhar details. ex- Name, Aadhar Number, Resident type.

It will ask for 'What do you want to update?". Select 'Mobile Number'. Renter your number and fill the captcha. Save & proceed.

Agree with the Disclosure of Term & Condition and click on submit. Here your application has been submitted successfully. Click on Book Appointment.

You will have to decide and search for your nearest Enrollment Aadhar Centre by clicking on the Advanced Search tab. Where you will be getting three different methods to identify your Nearest Centre.
(1) Search by Centre Name.
(2) Search by pin-code.
(3) Enter your State, District, Post Office, Village-town-city.

10 Click on get details you will be able to find your nearest Enrollment Aadhar Centre. Choose by your own preference and schedule an appointment, by selecting date & time.

11 Make a payment of 50/- to confirm your booking and later on you just have to visit the centre for your thumb verification. (It is important to visit once, so they can be assured the procedure has done by the correct person.)

Wait for a maximum of 15 days, you will receive a new Aadhar card with your updated phone number. 

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