9 Best Work from Home Jobs from Top 60 Websites - Earn Money Online!

Hey folks, How you doing all? Hope so you'll are safe and fine. So today's are HOT-Topic is closely a trending topic right over the period. Which is the Best Work from Home Jobs? Due to this current worldwide COVID-19 circumstances, people are lockdown in their houses. Its been very difficult to remain at our home without the job.

The paucity among wealth is increasing day-by-day. Therefore in today's article, we are going to cover the 9 best and legit work from home jobs which will assist you with the easiest way to earn money while being at home. Every website which we mention is 100% legit and actually, it is going to make you some money through the internet

All your major requirement would be some quality of knowledge and skills of you to earn a handsome capital from it. Also, you can check the websites domain authority, page authority and the google ranking's to trust it casually. So without wasting more time, let's get started.

9 Best Work from Home Jobs from 60 Top Websites - Easiest way to earn money online.

9 Best Work from Home Jobs from 60 Top Websites

Every Online Website has a professional commercial zone. Where they expect from their employees to work with honesty and vocationally to submit their work correctly and on time. Every unique website has several different types of online work for which they need someone to complete it.

In today's generation, every individual has some kind of skill or talent which he/she can put on to their work and help people for which they'll get paid. A wise man said:

If you're doing good at something, Make sure you never do it for free!

For sure, The 9 Best Work from Home Jobs from 60 Top Websites is going to utilize your empty period in some payback. Thew first Category of online work from 9 Best Work from Home Jobs from 60 Top Websites is freelancing.

(1) Freelancing Jobs.

India is the second popular country in the world. Where there are a great number of expert freelancers and they do good in their sector.

What freelance Jobs means?

- A freelancer is a person who works on different projects for different clients. Some work on a temporary basis or some work for a long-term period. Freelance work mainly means you have served your any kind of expertise to get their work done.

In freelance jobs, there are various different type of jobs, which you can choose from. As you relate any type of job you are compatible with further you have to request the admin for the job. Once it gets approved, later you have to submit it in the mentioned period.

Work you can do in Freelance Jobs: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Programing, Tech and much more.

Here is the list for Top Freelance Work from Home Jobs.

- Fiverr.

- Upwork.
- Freelancer.
- Guru.
- People per hour.
- Truelancer.
- 99designs.
- Designhill.
- Hireable.
- Toptal.
- Work&Hire.
- Hub Staff Talent.

You can check all of the websites to relate your skill and also know their services.


  1. Create Portfolio, Collect Testimonials and Make you Profile Attractive.
  2. Offer low-price gigs in the start and slowly increase it as you get projects in a great volume.
  3. Always try to communicate with your clients, when you receive an order.   
  4. Understand the project properly and keep information to the client of every single update about it.
  5. Ask for reviews and feedback about your work as you finished, it will help you to get more orders.
  6. Accept orders according to your capability.
  7. Share your projects on social media sites.

(2) Online Tutoring. 

If you have a good knowledge around in educational subjects or in which you have mastered a degree then it's very easy to apply for an Online Tutor Job. You can teach people online by on video calling as well as preparing a PDF sheet to make them understand a topic, depending upon your comfort. 

Whichever particular subject you have mastered. Use the knowledge to teach people globally. Online tutors get paid easily and in this changing world. People are switching to online studies rather than attending live practicals. 

Here is the list for Top Online Tutor Jobs websites.

That's all website can provide tutoring jobs easily and or else If someone is good in English language or subject then you can also apply for English Teaching Classes on websites like:

- italki.

Working on such a website you can earn money by teaching the English Language. Although Online tutoring is best and demandable Online Carrier Job. It's a great opportunity in the current time.

(3) Online Surveys.

When we hear the name of Online Surveys. many of us may lead it to be a scam because over the web there are numerous fake websites. Who give you some online surveys, make them complete and didn't pay you a single penny for it.

But apart from that, there are legit websites also where you can invest your short period of time and earn some money for your ordinary expenses.

Why Online Surveys are conducted?

- Many companies try to do market research before launching a new product or service. they try to take audience opinion first to understand the requirement of people so they fix it before launching.

With the help of Online Surveys, companies get to know the feedback of their new product or service with the different peoples. This helps them to create an excellent output to their users.

Here is the list for Top & Legit Online Survey Jobs websites.

(4) Micro Tasks.

Over the internet, there is plenty of micro-task work, which cannot be complete by any software or robots. There are many small tasks in several companies that a software cant do and they can't hire someone for such small tasks.

They need people who can complete their micro-tasks manually. That's why the offers the work to the micro-task worker websites to get complete. You as a worker can do that and get paid for each task.

The micro-tasks are very simple and easy to work on ex: collect information on websites, fill-up you're personal basic information, download a particular application, Like or Comment on several websites or pages, write a review on any product, give real feedback on the product you have used. and so on...

There are thousands of companies who have such pending work to be complete. You have to accept the task and submit it properly.

Here is the list for Top & Legit Micro-tasks Jobs websites.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).
- Micro workers.
- Click workers.
- CrowdSource.

(5) User Testing.

User testing is one of the best options for someone to work from home. Basically, the new websites/apps want to know the true users experience right from using the website to purchasing products or services from their websites.

You have to give a hands-on experience test of their website/app and share your experience with them to moderate it to enhance your usability.

You as a Tester, can help them and get paid a good amount for your feedback.

Here is the list for Top & Legit User Testing Jobs websites.

- U-Test.
- Testing Time.
- User Testing.
- User feel.
- User-lytics.
- Intellizoom.

(6) Transcription Jobs.

Transcription means converting audio voice sample or live speech into textual content. One should have a great level of hearing accuracy and should maintain confidentiality while working as a transcriptionist.

People around the globe have plenty of Transcription Jobs which are done manually. People mainly avoid software basis transcription therefore they hire a transcriptor to done with. You will receive an audio file which you have to hear sensibly and convert it to the text in a systematic manner.

Transcriptor gets highly paid in such cases. There are four types of transcription jobs in the market.

  1. Medical Transcriptions: You'll have to make transcripts of the conversation happened between doctors, a surgeon during an operation, patients, Emergency Medical Services [EMS] and other health-care providers.
  2. Financial Transcription: It involves creating summaries of talks between bankers, financial experts, economists and others. Beginners with some kind of banking knowledge can complete it easily.
  3. Legal Transcription: It involves creating summaries of talks between attorneys and their clients and also for legal debates. You'll need some knowledge about laws. 
  4. Technical Transcription: As the term implies, you'll be transcribing talks or discussion between engineers and technical experts. 

Here is the list for Top Transcription Jobs websites.

- Transcribe me!
- Casting words.
- REV.
- GMR Transcription.
- Speak write.

(7) Translator Jobs.

If you are good at speaking and understanding varieties of different languages. Then Translator Jobs can make you money easily.

In this job, you need to translate from one language to another as per the client requirement. Good potential to make money. if you know multiple languages.

Here is the list for Translator Jobs websites.

- Gengo.
- Translators.
- Text Master.
- One hour translation.
- Unbabel.
- Translator cafe.

(8) Virtual Assitant.

You need to help business owners with different tasks like administrators work, formatting and typing jobs, making & receiving calls, fixing appointments and arranging appointments and meetings and different commercial work.

Here is the list for Virtual Assitant Jobs websites.

- Brickwork India.
- Acelerar Tech.
- Time-etc.
- Fancy hands.
- Get Friday.

(9) Various Work from Home Jobs.

This website actually provides mixed jobs from which you can complete and make handsome money. Many websites are totally scammed people in the name of work from homework. But these few legit websites is going to resolve your issue from getting scammed and you're gonna get actually paid for your work.

Here is the list for Various Work from Home Jobs websites.

- Appen.
- Lynda.
- ModSquad.
- LinkedIn.

What is the authenticity to work with such Work from Home Jobs websites?

Due to lack of time, many high-rated companies provide such jobs to these websites and later such companies hire workers who are willing to complete the job appropriately.

All of these Work from Home Jobs websites are has their high-authority and gain lots of people trust. to know more details about it you can read genuine reviews about any of the websites you are planning to work with. Some websites also provide earning proofs.

Make sure to read their terms & conditions policies before applying for any Work from Home Job.

We hope you had liked our article and found it helpful. If so, then make sure to share our article with your friends & family. Thank you for reading to us!

9 Best Work from Home Jobs from Top 60 Websites are free or paid?

Over the internet, there are many legit websites who charge an amount first to offer you future projects. But hence, these 9 Best Work from Home Jobs from Top 60 Websites are completely free of cost and no hidden charges. 

All it will cost you for some skills, talent and piece of dedication.  

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