Your Whatsapp Data is Unsafe!!! Pegasus Spyware Attack By Israeli Company!

We all use WhatsApp to send or receive text messages and we also upload or send our personal images and videos several time on WhatsApp. 

Your Whatsapp Data is Unsafe!!! Pegasus Spyware Attack

Pegasus Spyware Attack - Whatsapp data is unsafe!
Pegasus Spyware Attack - Whatsapp data is unsafe!

But are you sure whatever you do on Whatsapp during the daily routine, that is absolutely safe or it can be stolen by third-party companies?

So, Today we just want to aware you with some information about a hacking-software which has been recently created by other companies which will be able to easily hack your WhatsApp, in which all our personal images, videos, messages and contacts are exposed. 

We know no-one wants to reveal their personal stuff publicly. So, therefore, this article will help you out about the precautions you have to take to secure your private data.

If you are worried about and want to know about what is this software? and how everything has happened? then pay close attention to this article until the end.

Israel-based Spyware is a company named NSO Group and here WhatsApp has announced the NSO Group that it had created a hacking Spyware Software named Pegasus

Who attacked 1400 users of Whatsapp app all over the world and all the people who were all high-profile from different countries around the globe. 

Now though we have already heard before about this software and for many people who will be listening for the first time about the name Pegasus. In the past, many issues have been found to interfere with Pegasus and Whatsapp, but this time WhatsApp has officially claimed the Pegasus company for created a hacking-database of their users.

Whatsapp official has also told that there were some people from India onwards who have been tracked by Pegasus software. So first of all, we try to understand in-detail about, what is this software and how does it work?

What is PEGASUS SPYWARE & How does it work?

In everyday life, we have many calls on our phone, which are some familiar and some unknown but, this is one such spyware that becomes activate instantly in anyone's phone, in just matter of a single miss-call. 

Which we will not even know and it will be fully activated in your device the only behalf of a missed call. After that, your complete details such as Whatsapp voice-call, messages, location are collected and mailed to their head-department for further misuse.

In fact, Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad the 'Indian Telecom Minister' has also been seen official tweeting and requesting the Whatsapp Developers to feedback us the in-depth detail about the happening incident!

Because there is no clear news here that how many people from the Indian who were victims of the track and in such a situation, the number of marks coming out of the whole world is about 1,400 users. 

Now it is a recent fact that the NSO Group, which is an Israeli based software company, has been Seu by WhatsApp developers, but think little about our daily use of WhatsApp, the developers of WhatsApp had clearly claimed about the data-security as it is fully encrypted perhaps a missed call can be found successful in hacking it.

The NSO Group accepts the existence of Pegasus spyware software but they affirm that the software is build-up & handover only to government officials authorizers. 

Due to this problem, WhatsApp assures us that soon the accused of this incident will be arrested and the motive behind it will also be bring to the light and officials will be seen taking more powerful actions on the security page of WhatsApp in the upcoming time.

Note:- The purpose of this article has been is to make you alert so that you do not get into any wrong situations and be secure from the sake of that subject.

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